Video Interview

Nate (author of "Nelly Bug") and Aubrey Stout run an art class for kiddos and asked if I would do a quick interview and answer some questions as a guest artist.  I told Aubrey to send the questions, and I'd make a video out of it! Enjoy!

  • First half - Answering questions (fav color, fav medium, what I liked to draw as a kid, etc).
  • Second half - "How to draw" tutorial using basic shapes.
  • Last 50 seconds - speed painting of Gus.

WIFYR 2018

I finally returned to the greatest writing conference on this side of the U.S. for the second time (my first was 2012) with a new story ready to critique! My first book was published because of WIFYR, so I knew this was a worthwhile investment. I took pages of notes, made great friends, and received terrific feedback during my new story's 20-minute in-class critique.

So what is WIFYR? 
(Writers and Illustrators For Young Readers)

You Should You Should: Christmas Special

Looks like my children's book hard back edition is coming to an end. You Should You Should is moving to it's 3rd print (yay!) but in soft back (boo). There is a LIMITED amount of nice hard bound copies left. I've purchased them all, and I'd be honored to sign these last copies to you.  The original price is $16.95, but I'm running a Christmas special!
Signed copy - $12.95 each
Signed copy w/ a custom doodle inside (you can request what I draw) - $15.95 each
*If you buy 5 or more copies I will knock $2 off each book!
Prices above do not include shipping. I will inform you how much shipping cost after I ship your books!
Want to read it before you buy it? You can do that here --> (don't buy it there, just read it)
Note: I will be traveling in the coming weeks, and I'm also still waiting for these books to arrive in the mail (I don't have them all quite yet). So if you need your books asap, please let me know in the order form and I will work with you! Your patience will be appreciated. 
Facebook message me or email me ( with any questions! Merry Christmas!

UpComing Blog Things:

1.  One succinct post to answer the repeated question, "How do you write and illustrate a children's book."  I'll tell you, as simply as possible, how I personally completed this process.

2.  How did I come to write this specific story?  Why these particular events?  What inspired the writing, and how did I come to final decisions about characters and situations?

3.  Tips about rhyming.

4.  Total Blog ReVamp.  New purpose and direction.  It's gonna be good.  :)

5.  More art!!

6.  Update on life and what's new.

Friends!!  Is there anything I've forgotten??

In light of the holidays,
here's a watercolor I did when I was a little girl:

Happy Holidays to aaaaallllll,
And to all, much love and good night.

Long Time, No Me!

It's almost been a year since I've posted on my blog!?  Oh boy.

Well, here's breaking the ice!  Just dropping in to say hello, and I'm still alive.

My lunch break just ended though so time to say goobye!!


*waves hand furiously*