UpComing Blog Things:

1.  One succinct post to answer the repeated question, "How do you write and illustrate a children's book."  I'll tell you, as simply as possible, how I personally completed this process.

2.  How did I come to write this specific story?  Why these particular events?  What inspired the writing, and how did I come to final decisions about characters and situations?

3.  Tips about rhyming.

4.  Total Blog ReVamp.  New purpose and direction.  It's gonna be good.  :)

5.  More art!!

6.  Update on life and what's new.

Friends!!  Is there anything I've forgotten??

In light of the holidays,
here's a watercolor I did when I was a little girl:

Happy Holidays to aaaaallllll,
And to all, much love and good night.