My book!  It's up!  It's up!  On Amazon!  It's up on Amazon right now!  Right now for pre-orders!!  You can pre-order on Amazon!  Because it's up for pre-order!  On Amazon!!!  Right NOW!!!!  

Holy smooookes!

I'm Not Talented

I'm not lucky.  I'm not gifted.  I am SKILLED.

Seth Godin's blog post today:

"Actually, it goes the other way

Wouldn't it be great to be gifted? In fact...
It turns out that choices lead to habits.
Habits become talents.
Talents are labeled gifts.
You're not born this way, you get this way."



Okay I appreciate the votes SO much.  I have THE GREATEST support here and love you all for joining me and helping me out on this great, fun, and stressful adventure ;).  If I could bake you vitual cookies for you to pick off your screen on my blog, I would! 

Here are the total votes tallied up:
  • Yellow and White tied - 16
  • Green - 12
  • Orange - 7
  • Red and Purple tied - 4
  • Blue - 3
  • Blue Green - 1

Book Cover: WHICH COLOR?

I need help.  

Which color background do you prefer?  I need to pick one before I finish painting the characters so I can make sure the colors are harmonizing.

Vote please?


The Very Hungry Zombie: A Tale of Ravenous Reanimation

My bestie Alicia VanNoy Call (aka Lee) wrote and illustrated an extremely cute, genius, and hilarious children's story app (for iphone and ipad) back when I wrote my "Kitty Wants" app, about a zombie who swallows one thing after another desperate for relief - it's a play off "There was an old woman who swallowed a fly."  It's cute, and I can't help laughing out loud when I read it.

Tale Spring's Best App Contest WINNER:  Alicia VanNoy Call with her app "The Very Hungry Zombie: A Tale of Ravenous Reanimation!"  (it's that good, you'll love it!)

YSYS: "Spin???"

I finished this last week but forgot to post it!!

I love it.  I'll need to go in and fix his eyes later though.  They're kinda scary... his iris just needs to be bigger cuz it looks like he has just scary white eyes.  lol

Yup.  Bug told him to spin when he dances.  
So he did.

YSYS: Walk like this???

Just finished it!!!
And um.... I kinda really like this one.  :)  Is it okay to say that?

Checking In

Social life?:
Oh.  My.  Goodness, people.  I'm painting and drawing like a crazy person.  Or like an illustrator.  Seriously I have passed up like a million social events because I have to get this book done!!  But.  Tonight I'm celebrating my roommate's birthday, and tomorrow I'm going ice skating.  No matter what.


More Talk About Codependency/People Pleasing:  (I know it's been a while)

Here we meet our story's climax!!  Hippo has been told what to do with his time, how to sing, how to dance, how to walk, what to wear, and now he's being told that a very part of him which he's had since birth - his spot - is not okay.  That he needs to get rid of it.  Hippo, unsure of himself and desperate for friendship, has obeyed every "should" so far.  And how he's letting Giraffe tell him he's not good enough, and allowing some hands-on intervention.  Here he is, sitting through this torture, and taking this abuse.  Giraffe is crossing some serious boundaries here.  Hippo has a choice... does he let this go on or does he take a stand??