"Kitty Wants..." and Getting Our Needs Met

Yo!  So check these little guys out:

In my Children's Book Illustration class we're making children's book apps (for kindle/ipad/etc) using a program online called "TaleSpring.com"  (not to be confused with Tale Spin).  These are the characters I've made so far for my app!

I'm sorry but I think they're ADORABLE!!!  Aren't they SO cute???  :)  Aw...

Prismacolor felt tip pen and watercolor on 140 lb watercolor paper:

Color Comps

Funny thing happened.  I took my painting and two others ready to start on into my advisor, Don Seegmiller, and he said, "Great, but, you need to do tiny color compositions before you continue on in your paintings.  Trust me, it'll save you loads of time in the end!"  Don is always right in these instances so... here they are.

Color Compositions!
(Done in prisma colored pencil... the images came out a little greenish on the computer but just work with me)

So here are different ways to do hippo:
(figuring out the sand color was hard... then I wasn't sure about the hat color, and then the hippo color!)


So my big questions are:

Pink or green hat?
Blue or purple hippo?


You Should You Should thought of the day....

"Grown-ups don't have shoulds.  
They have CHOICES."

YouShouldYouShould: The Story Behind the Story AND Painting Number ONE!

(To read Codependency Symptoms, skip/scroll down to the bottom of the page)

Painting number ONE!!

(I'm starting from the middle of the book so by the time I paint the beginning and ending, they will look their best!)

The glorious moment of first-born assertion!!!  You go, Hippo!
Acrylic on Canvas

Art Stroll: Featuring YOU

I'm SO grateful to all who submitted art and gave permission to post.  I'm excited to show you all off!  There are some really great things here.  Please enjoy the art-stroll, and if you still have something you'd like to share, I'll be more than happy to stick you in!  Just email me - ginnytilby@gmail.com

Thanks Again!



Calling All Artists! (EVERYONE is an artist)

This is an invitation share a creation of your own on my blog (your kids are definitely included)!  I'd love to get to know my audience and for you to share your art of any kind with each other!

Email me your creation at ginnytilby@gmail.com (or send me a link by email or blog comment) and I'll include your work in a coming up post!!  Yes, it can be 50 years old, it's still welcome!

Art includes but not limited to:   (just to give ideas)

making movies
song writing
youtubing cool vids

As for me, drawing and painting isn't the only art I participate in.  I also love dancing, singing and playing the piano.  Sometimes I play with photography.

But... one of my FAVORITE things to do is rewriting song lyrics to make them funny!  To get ya started with an example, and also inspired by the Halloween Season, I want to share a vid of ME actually singing a song I wrote for a Halloween party last year:


Can't wait to see your art!!!