Calling All Artists! (EVERYONE is an artist)

This is an invitation share a creation of your own on my blog (your kids are definitely included)!  I'd love to get to know my audience and for you to share your art of any kind with each other!

Email me your creation at (or send me a link by email or blog comment) and I'll include your work in a coming up post!!  Yes, it can be 50 years old, it's still welcome!

Art includes but not limited to:   (just to give ideas)

making movies
song writing
youtubing cool vids

As for me, drawing and painting isn't the only art I participate in.  I also love dancing, singing and playing the piano.  Sometimes I play with photography.

But... one of my FAVORITE things to do is rewriting song lyrics to make them funny!  To get ya started with an example, and also inspired by the Halloween Season, I want to share a vid of ME actually singing a song I wrote for a Halloween party last year:


Can't wait to see your art!!!


  1. Wow. That made my day, getting to hear you sing.

    You paint beautifully, and you have such a melodious voice. Now if you're also good at automotive repair, you'd be an awesome triple threat!

    Okay, maybe not that. Archery? Construction? Macrame patterning? 100-piece puzzles? Whatever that third thing is, you'd be great at that, too. =)

    1. So... this must be Arthur?? Thanks! You make my day all the times. Actually the third thing is... (drum roll)... making really good animal sounds! (I'm usually too shy to show those off though)

  2. Hi. Sometimes I visit Lined In when I'm not bust doing other stuff. But when I arrived tonight, and looked at what was going on in Illustrator's Guild I was struck by the positivity and openness of your message. You see, I see a lot of posts that just seem to be saying "look at me" and I get tired of that. Sure - yours says "look at me" but it says "I want to give something to you" also which is not what a lot of stuff does in my opinion. Anyway. Then the coincidence thing happened. Today I was working on a very quick cartoon, I just made up the script on the spot. Then did the art/ nimation - I did the whole thing in one session. But what blew my mind is... when I listened to your song... well... I guess you have to watch the cartoon to see what I mean.

    Anyway - Peace and Light - Luke

    1. Luke Temple Walsh. It is so great to hear from you here! Thanks for the compliment... really that's very nice of you. As for the coincidence thing... I started watching your cartoon and my roommates were like, "What's so funny over there?" lol That's pretty great. I totally relate to that conversation. Thanks for talking to me. So... are you gonna give me a link or something to post? :)

    2. Hi. Thanks Ginny Tilby! I thought it was so odd that of all the girls' names I picked out of my head it should be that one (I do't know anyone called that either), only later on to hear you singing it in the song. Yes - I will send you something soon.

  3. Ginny!! I just watched your cute vid!!! I totally love and miss you. I think it is so awesome that you have let your creative side shine and aren't afraid to show your talents. I so admire you for that. You are awesome and I wish you all the best!!!!

    1. HEY!!! I just looked at your profile there and realized this is my dear friend from looong ago at Old Farm!!! Dude!! Why didn't I know who this was sooner? I'm so glad to hear from you, on my blog of all places!! I'm surprised you didn't call me "Ginners." ;) Thanks so much for commenting, and watching, and for your sweet words. I hope you are well--your family looks adorable (cute blog), I love and miss you a TON as well! Thanks:).


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