Jean-Baptiste Monge

Every once in a great while I run across an artist whose work makes me really WANT to draw.  I won't lie, I have to push myself to get to work.  There are times I feel passionate, but lately it just feels like so much work.  Monday Will Terry showed us the work of Jean-Baptiste Monge ... look at this stuff!  You can TELL he's having fun just by laying your eyeballs on it.  He's having a blast!  And he's GOOD.  I looove love his little creature dudes and their whimsical interactions with animals!  I just wanna grab a pencil and draw right now!!  (but I won't ... cuz 2 am and time for bed)  So great.  I had to share.

YSYS Painting: Possum n Hippo / Relationship Pyramid

I'm very happy with this one.  I haven't shown it to my advisor Don yet so I'm sure he'll have a lot to say but so far I'm pretty happy!

Originally I designed this with green grass and more blue in the possum but Don pointed out as he looked at my tiny color composition that at sunset the colors lean far more towards purples and oranges.  So I threw a bunch of orange and purple all over, with pretty orange pink and yellow highlights.

Text will go above Hippo and some more below Possum.

So!  You likey too?  :)

The Sketch:

Where I Sit . . .

I always love when artists show us a peek of their workspace.  I've seen some clean spaces and some busy messy spaces.  I'm probably a mix.

This is where I sit and make art:

YSYS: Dancing Hippo

Tap-Dancing Hippo

(So I think my drawing is ready to paint, and then I realize I can draw it better!  Today I redrew the dancing hippo... check him out!)

"Spinning does not help my feet,
I move to a different beat!"

Here was my very first sketch of this scene haha...