Chu Teh-Chun

This is my all-time favorite Abstract Painter:  

Chu Teh-Chun

He was born in 1920... I couldn't find any info saying he died, so if he's still kicking around, he would be 93 years old now.  


YSYS: Title Page

This isn't the COVER page, it's the title page.  The one you see when you open the book, after the publication info, (which will belong there on the left).

So here we are!

The book begins with Hippo getting read for his fav activity - a nice dip in the water.  
Until.................. !

YSYS: Lightning Bug vs Hippo

You probably want a dance that's new.
Here's the perfect prance for you.
Spin and spin and spin around
until your feet float off the ground!
Spin spin! Like me!
You should, you see.
You should! You should!
Spin spin like me!

I should?
But I...
Okay, fine.

Beat the Cold, Build a Bear!

This is my fav way to beat the cold weather!!

YSYS: Flamingo vs Hippo

When you walk, try this you see.
Throw your toes up high and free.
Lift your chin and stretch your wing.
A walk like mine is just the thing!
You should! You should!

The Process: Textures & Croc vs Hippo

Many have asked about my process and how I get my digital paintings in photoshop to look traditional. First, I learned all I know from the man, Will Terry.  (and Adam Munoa gave me a quick lesson one day one on one - Thanks Adam) And my first recommendation is to learn from him through his new digital painting videos at

1. Make your own texture

Formatting Your Children's Story for Publishers

I attended WIFYR (Writers and Illustrators for Young Readers) this past summer and was able to learn from Trudy Harris many wonderful things about writing children's books.  I received a copy of another author's story formatted the proper way to send publishers.  I followed it's format, and thought I'd share mine with you.

YSYS: Possum!

"You shouldn't do THAT. (swim)
Instead, you should climb this tree
and dangle upside-down with me.
It’s very fun, don't you agree?
This is the way that you should be.
You should! You should!"

YSYS: Monkeys and Birds!

Hello there friend. You like to sing?
We'll help you sing the sweetest thing.
Breath in deep and shout with glee:
You should! You should!

YSYS: Giraffe vs Hippo 1

You should you should not wear that spot!
Take it off, you REALLY ought!

I ought?

You ought.


But what?

But I cannot!

Not gonna lie... this painting stuff is hard.

But I am in love with the process.  
This is digitally painted in photoshop.
(and this isn't finished...)

Oh.  And by the way, digital painting is back on!  :)

Like My Facebook Page!

Hey all!

I usually send my facebook friends to my blog, but I never thought of going the other way around.  Some of you who look at my blog don't know about my fb page.  So I invite you to like it!

Here's the link:

Official Declaration on Cleaning My Room

I hereby officially give myself permission to NOT clean my room until this book is done! If any cleaning gets done, I attribute it to the necessity of not going completely insane. I am allowed to sit down and work without feeling guilty. I am allowed to leave my door open when I leave and not worry about what my roommates are thinking. I am allowed to be surrounded by clothes and makeup and sketchbooks and shoes, coats, dishes, a bed unmade, and continue to work work work on this book until the work is finished!

I may still clean... but if not... it. is. o. kay.

SPEED DRAWING: Giraffe vs Hippo

This is my very first time-lapsed speed drawing movie!

Drew this last night, part of "You Should! You Should!"  Hope you enjoy.  :)

Familius Internship Kick-Off


Christopher Robbins
(yes that's his real name!)
First, no, I'm not an intern.  I was generously invited to attend the Provo Library to meet with the publisher of my upcoming book, You Should! You Should!, Christopher Robbins (in person for my very first time!) from "Familius" and his team, as they held an internship kick-off with students and graduates interning as editors, designers, and film-makers. There were about 16 of us all together.  I learned a lot, and am super grateful for the invite.  Christopher Robbins is awesome, and so is his team!

YSYS: Finalizing Sketches


I know, I haven't shown you any artwork for "You Should, You Should" for a little while.  I talked earlier about switching to digital and then not being able to go digital and well... now it's back on.  Long story, and I don't really want share it here.  Just know I'm VERY happy it's back on.

YSYS: Back of Book Summary

Time to write what goes on the back of the book!  You know... that helpful tiny paragraph you flip the book over to read real quick before you crack open the pages?  The summary that tells you basically what to expect?  And in this case... being a picture book... it needs to be even shorter.

So here's what I have:

Hippo's morning starts off good,
until friends say, “You should! You should!”
You should prance! You should sing!
Wear this hat! Stretch your wing!
Though Hippo wants to be a friend,
he wonders when the “shoulds” will end.

Hippo and friends will soon find out
that being yourself is what life's about.


Yup.  That's what I have.

I thought I'd make the back rhyme too, just to give readers a quick taste of what's inside. :)

You Should You Should: "Sales Hook"

Christopher Robbins, (my publisher at is asking us to write up all the marketing material now.  So I'm trying to write the "Sales Hook" and wondered if you could give me any feedback.  It's hard!!  (Newcomers may read the original story here.)

Here is what he gave me as an example:

Sales Hook: <short one sentence elevator pitch. Example: A former high-school principal provides successful strategies to motivate kids to succeed in school.

Here's what I have:

Hippo isn't sure how to be himself when friends say, “You should walk like me! Sing like me! Dance like me! You should! You should!”

I wanted to leave a little bit of an open end... room for "I wonder what happens" even though you know a children's book always gets resolved.  Anyway.  What do you think???

Here are variations bouncing around my head:

Hippo questions how to be...
Hippo wonders how to be...
Hippo wishes to be himself but pestering friends say...
Hippo wishes to do things his way and be himself but pestering friends say...