YSYS: Finalizing Sketches


I know, I haven't shown you any artwork for "You Should, You Should" for a little while.  I talked earlier about switching to digital and then not being able to go digital and well... now it's back on.  Long story, and I don't really want share it here.  Just know I'm VERY happy it's back on.

Now.  Here's the thing.  I LOVE drawings.  I'd rather look at sketches and drawings and pencil/line work than paintings, MOST the time.  Some people know how to paint in a way that catches my eyeballs, and some drawings don't actually do it for me.  Sometimes my own drawings aren't doing it for me!  Anywho... I want to make the drawing a main part of the artwork in my book.  So I'll scan these in, and take them to photoshop.  And experiment some from there.....  I have an idea of what I'd like it to look like.  I'll show you later some paintings I'm super inspired by.  For now, enjoy my artwork!

I'm starting with the spot illustrations (meaning there will be white behind them, no backgrounds), to get the characters fully designed and developed before I begin putting them into backgrounds interacting with each other.

All below images are copyrighted and may not be used without permission.

I know artists are good at killing the joy by exploiting the problems.... but we're good at if for a good reason!  It makes us better.

  • The drawing "style" is slightly different throughout some of the drawings.  For example, some have more lines, some less.  Some focus more on shapes, some are more organic.  Some have hard bold lines even in lighter areas, and some portray a realistic shadow better using variations of light thin lines AND heavy dark lines.
  • Some of them still need the ground shadow below.
  • Hippo looks ALMOST like the same hippo from page to page... probably close enough to pass.  But in the future I'll want to make sure to pay more attention to keeping his look similar from page to page, angle to angle.
  • Anything else you notice?
(not guaranteeing I'll change these, but it doesn't hurt to point them out for learning and future improvement purposes)

Also since I jump to, and focus on, the problems so quickly... you're welcome to remind me there are positive things happening here too!


  1. Those are fantastic! Great work Ginny!

  2. Brilliant, Ginny!

    I particularly like Giraffe (the monocle is inspired) and the multi-tasking Croc.

    I liked the Gospel Monkeys but found them a little congested; the tails make it a bit hard to see what is what. Perhaps the addition of colour will resolve that difficulty. Alternatively you could just focus on them and therefore give them more room to operate in, without including Hippo in the picture (which necessarily shrinks the monkeys). He's shown in all of the others so by implication is also watching the monkeys.

    I'm glad you've got your excitement and energy back, and obviously have momentum - keep it up!

    1. Thank you!!!! I've been trying to figure out what to do with those monkeys cuz yeah, they're SO cute but hard to see. I'm considering dropping their tails below the palm tree instead of up above. I guess I could cut Hippo out. He's in ALL the others so it's hard to think it's okay to take him out... but I guess it might be okay? Would it break consistency or not?

      Haha, well we'll see about the momentum. I've been working on these drawings a long time ;)

      Thank you Roelant!


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