YSYS: Title Page

This isn't the COVER page, it's the title page.  The one you see when you open the book, after the publication info, (which will belong there on the left).

So here we are!

The book begins with Hippo getting read for his fav activity - a nice dip in the water.  
Until.................. !


  1. Dear Ginny,

    I like your sense of humor in your illustrations. Good work!

    Janet Heller
    Author of the award-winning book for kids about bullying, How the Moon Regained Her Shape (Sylvan Dell, hardback--2006, paperback--2007, e-book, audio, and Spanish edition--2008, 3rd paperback edition and iPad app--2012)
    Website is http://www.redroom.com/author/janet-ruth-heller

  2. Awesome! The movement of the characters looks great and the fish in the water is a nice touch. The hippo also looks super-stoked/loving-life and its very charming.

    My only critique would be to blend the grass into the white space just a tiny little bit more so that it looks more like one layer. It kind of pops out to me as two layers. Like maybe you used the Eraser tool for blending? If so maybe try the airbrush tool or some of the 'edge features' PS has (watercolor borders etc). Its not a big deal at all just something that seemed a little off to me. I use a lot of white space in my work so I am always trying to get that blend just right and maybe its all in my head.

    Just out of curiosity is there any reason why you choose that particular font?

    Its really cool seeing your book come together. Thanks for putting the process out there as I know it can be just as much work keeping a blog updated. Its very helpful for anyone that has ever thought about doing something like this and seems like there is waaaay more work involved than what you'd think!


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