YSYS: Giraffe vs Hippo 1

You should you should not wear that spot!
Take it off, you REALLY ought!

I ought?

You ought.


But what?

But I cannot!

Not gonna lie... this painting stuff is hard.

But I am in love with the process.  
This is digitally painted in photoshop.
(and this isn't finished...)

Oh.  And by the way, digital painting is back on!  :)


  1. I like this a lot. I feel like this process makes it so your sketches stay true to your style, it's crisp, it's not heavy like acrylic can get sometimes be. Can't wait to see how the rest will turn out!

    1. Sarah!!! Thank you!!! I'm really glad to hear you say that. There is something hard to retain with acrylic... at least for me. So I'm really enjoying this.

    2. Dear Ginny,

      I love all of your illustrations. You really have a lot of talent! I hope that your book is a great success!

      One comment on your back-of-the-book poem: the line "Hippo's morning starts off good" is grammatically incorrect. The line should end in "well," an adverb that correctly modifies the verb "starts off." English is hard to rhyme in because it contains very few perfect rhymes, compared to Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, and other languages. You may want to experiment with slant or imperfect rhyme: the vowels OR the consonants rhyme but not both. Slant rhyme gives you many more words to work with, and modern poets use it often. I have published two books of poetry and have a Ph.D. in English, so I'm speaking from knowledge here.

      Best wishes for 2013!

      Janet Heller
      Author of the award-winning book for kids about bullying, How the Moon Regained Her Shape (Sylvan Dell, hardback--2006, paperback--2007, e-book, audio, and Spanish edition--2008, 3rd paperback edition and iPad app--2012)
      Website is http://www.redroom.com/author/janet-ruth-heller

    3. Yeah... I knew even before I typed "good" that it was incorrect. But what else rhymes with should?? I needed "you should you should" in there. I will look into reworking it... I think I have a couple ideas to play with now that I've given some thought. Thanks Janet!

      I don't know what slant rhyme is... I will google it! Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it a lot.

  2. I like the palatte, Ginny, and you´ve somehow managed to achieve a watercolour effect. Nice blending aournd the sides of the animals too!

    1. Thanks Roelant! I'm developing a stronger and stronger style with that as I go along, so I'll definitely be coming back to this one and editing!! I'm starting to get a pastel-like quality, at least that's what I think it looks kinda like... :) Thanks!!

  3. This looks amazing, your characters are dynamic and full of life. Also love the idea of using shapes as the spots on the giraffe.


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