Contract SIGNED

(holy smokes, really?)

With new Publishing House: Familius

You can visit their website and check out their blog at, where you can read daily messages focusing on the family.  
(One of my fav posts: Zombies and Babies)

Now in the editing and illustration process:


Guess what friends?  I recently submitted children's book I'm working on, "You Should You Should," (written and being illustrated by me) to a publishing house and they've responded with interest in publishing it!!  I'm pretty excited and nervous, and will be posting details about this journey as this process unfolds!  So keep in touch!!

Thanks to all who have supported and believed in me and this long lived dream... I think it's about to happen!

Mule, Unicorn, Psychotherapy Session, Japanese Garden

Thank you Facebook friends for the ideas!

There were SO many great ideas to choose from, I was about to resolve to draw a name from a hat at random... but then I read Tom's. Little does he know, I picked up a recent interest in Unicorns, rode my first mule about a week ago, have a great fascination with psychotherapy, and Japan is the only other country I've been to.

There were 5 or 6 other ideas I really loved as well that made the list. Fleas sailing a sea of hair? Badger, moose, the moon, jump roping? A hummingbird and a dragonfly putting on a magic show in a medieval castle! Wild warthog and goat playing cards in a crazy animal tavern? Aardvark and crocodile tightrope walking across a laundry line in NYC! (To list a few of my top favs)

Thanks Tom!!

WIFYR: Writers and Illustrators For Young Readers

This week I've been attending a 5-day extensive insightful inspiring educational work shop about writing and illustrating.  Needless to say, I'm learning a lot.

On the inspirational side, this was today's list of "life lessons learned" from YA novel author A.E. Cannon:

1.  Take risks
2.  Not all (if any) rejection is personal
3.  When chances come to pursue opportunities, TAKE THEM!
4.  Learn to walk in the direction of your own fear
5.  Don't say "no" too quickly
6.  Don't lose sight of who your audience is
7.  Be willing to accept change  (see things as opportunities instead of threats)
8.  Don't be jealous
9.  Getting "published" doesn't make life suddenly magical and grand... find your happiness in ALL life has to offer.
10.  Stay connected to the WRITING (or art) part.
11.  Work to stay positive, even if you have to write a daily affirmation.