Contract SIGNED

(holy smokes, really?)

With new Publishing House: Familius

You can visit their website and check out their blog at, where you can read daily messages focusing on the family.  
(One of my fav posts: Zombies and Babies)

Now in the editing and illustration process:

Written and BEING Illustrated By Ginny Tilby

Well, here we go!  It's happening.  I signed.  It's official.  ...There's no turning back...

Yes, I'm excited, but excited was a little more yesterday for me.  Today I'm feeling very nervous, inadequate, and afraid of not performing up to par.  So much work in so little time!  Christopher Robbins (that is his real name... I asked) at Familius has so much faith in me, and expects great things!  I know the story is in, but so far I only have simple sketches done for the pictures!

So! While the editors are perfecting my story and text, what's the next step for ME?

Making a dummy book!

What's a dummy book?  Basically a fake book.  Like putting a bunch of papers stapled together with all the pencil sketches and words on them.  It allows you see it in book format, how page-turns will feel, to check for enough variety in the picture designs (color, space, size relationships, camera angles, etc), as well as consistency with words.  At WIFYR Julie Olson taught us how to make one, so that's my next big project.  It includes LOTS of tiny thumbnails sketches before drawing big.  I'll definitely share sketches with you as they happen!

Last bit of info, I wanted to clue you in on Familius's new process.  We're going to start with digital versions of the book that can be read on epads, epubs, kindles, etc... and then based on their success, we'll hopefully move to physically printing the books.  We hope to see prints out in about a year!

Until next update, thanks for being part of this journey with me!

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  1. Thanks Lee. :) Everyone, I couldn't have done this without Lee V Call. (not that it's "done" yet... haha not even close)


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