Mule, Unicorn, Psychotherapy Session, Japanese Garden

Thank you Facebook friends for the ideas!

There were SO many great ideas to choose from, I was about to resolve to draw a name from a hat at random... but then I read Tom's. Little does he know, I picked up a recent interest in Unicorns, rode my first mule about a week ago, have a great fascination with psychotherapy, and Japan is the only other country I've been to.

There were 5 or 6 other ideas I really loved as well that made the list. Fleas sailing a sea of hair? Badger, moose, the moon, jump roping? A hummingbird and a dragonfly putting on a magic show in a medieval castle! Wild warthog and goat playing cards in a crazy animal tavern? Aardvark and crocodile tightrope walking across a laundry line in NYC! (To list a few of my top favs)

Thanks Tom!!


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