Guess what friends?  I recently submitted children's book I'm working on, "You Should You Should," (written and being illustrated by me) to a publishing house and they've responded with interest in publishing it!!  I'm pretty excited and nervous, and will be posting details about this journey as this process unfolds!  So keep in touch!!

Thanks to all who have supported and believed in me and this long lived dream... I think it's about to happen!


  1. Oh you wonderful lady! Congratulations! That's a dream of mine, and I hope to get to that point some day!

  2. Oh my goodness. See? I knew it was going to happen!! You are going to be all famous and everyone will love you, and that is why I want paintings from you! :) I tell everyone I know about you, cause I LOVE your work. So happy for you, and hope you are doing something fun to celebrate!!!

  3. Aw, thanks so much guys. And extra thanks Jessee!!


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