Speed Painting by Will Terry

This is one of my favorite (who'm I kidding, it IS my VERY favorite) speed painting videos.  I watch this over and over and over. Will Terry is my art professor at UVU (and awesome children's book illustrator of awesomeness), and I've been extremely privileged to learn from him.  At home, whenever I sit down to paint in acrylic and feel unsure, I pull up a few of his speed paint videos and take mental notes.  Enjoy!!  (first, see link below)

I prefer watching it on VIMEO instead at this link:  http://vimeo.com/10034343#at=0  (better music-very important to me)


  1. What a fantastic video Ginny! The colours are so rich. Is he using a digital pen? Seems to have very good control, and the ability to rotate the subject would help if he's using sideways penstrokes I guess. My 7-year-old daughter will love this too, and will be straight away asking me for paper and pencil!


    1. I know right?! I love it. Yeah he uses a tablet and digital pen. Awesome, I'm sure your 7 year old would love it a lot! I hope you watched the one with the "fairy tale" song at the link below instead of the actual video posted. Thanks for the comment!


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