Checking In

Social life?:
Oh.  My.  Goodness, people.  I'm painting and drawing like a crazy person.  Or like an illustrator.  Seriously I have passed up like a million social events because I have to get this book done!!  But.  Tonight I'm celebrating my roommate's birthday, and tomorrow I'm going ice skating.  No matter what.

Painting with People:
I'm feeling the stress of this deadline for sure!  In the beginning I was shooting paintings out like a fool, I was even ahead of schedule!  I was like.... "oh yeah.  I got this."  But eventually I grew restless... sitting and painting day after day after day is exhausting, gets old, and it's very lonely.  I finally grew comfortable enough with the digital process to work in front of people, so I brought my stuff out to our living room while my roommates watched a movie and that was actually really nice.  My roommate Alyssa sat next to me... at first I was a little nervous that she could see, but decided to let it go.  I didn't pay much attention anyway, I was in the painting zone.  When I finished my painting and the movie had ended, she said to me, "So Ginny.... I couldn't stop watching you!  I watched you pretty much the whole time.  It was just SO fun to watch!"  Haha!  A couple times since then she's come in my room, and sit on my bed to watch me.  I told her she could on one condition, she HAD to talk to me the whole time because I was afraid of the awkward silence, and I wasn't sure of my ability to chat while I made art.  But then I made her quiz me on my spanish while she was there... which half way through that I realized she couldn't watch me paint anymore.  Oops.  Sorry Alyssa!  Thanks for being a trooper!

A couple days ago I went to my "dawg-painting fool" friend Alicia (Lee) VanNoy Call's home for a couple of days. She is also working like crazy on her BFA Project,  I painted in her basement while enjoying the company of Lee and her Russian-speaking musical-instrument-playing husband, and their loving cuddly dog.  That was great.  I wasn't alone, I wasn't the only painter, I could talk to people if I wanted, or even just BE with people while I listened to music and painted.  And I had someone to brainstorm ideas with and complain to when Photoshop decided to crash on me like OVER 30 TIMES.  Finally saved everything in Dropbox and told my computer to go to sleep for the night.  Works great now.

I was chatting with my friend Scott and he had a good friend who paints large beautiful paintings and lets people come to watch.  But he also has one condition... opposite to mine.  You can watch, but you can't talk to him!  Haha.  I think next time I'll be cool with whatever.  Maybe I'll just pull my earbuds out of my laptop next time, and let people listen to whatever I'm listening to if they want to watch.

Keeping up on Schedule?:
So I'm maybe a week behind schedule now.  By the way, I have every single day planned out of what to paint, draw, scan, and what time it's due!  (always due at 10 pm but I always keep painting til 11 or 12)  Thank goodness for Sundays... I get ONE blessed holy fabulous day to be with people, rest, breathe and put down my stylus.  As for being behind... I'll catch up soon!

I'm REALLY proud of myself.  I'm working hard and getting tons done!  I mean have you seen how much artwork is shooting out of my fingers?  Like daisies!  But I admit, right now all I like to think about is what I'll be able to do when this is over.  I have a growing list:

Sleepovers with my nieces.
Clean my poor room.
Throw a million things away and take the rest to D.I.
Shop for shoes (my fav pair died a while ago).
Get a haircut.  (Need one REAL bad)
Get a job.
Write more stories.
Visit all my best friends who seriously just had babies all at the same time, and my other best friends I've been neglecting.
The rest are too personal to share :) But they're gonna be good.

Goodbye to Old Friends:  :(
Last big part of my life as an artist in this current moment in time...  So, I've been listening to the Harry Potter movies consecutively (thanks to Alyssa who has the entire collection), and yesterday I listened to The Deathly Hallows Part 1.  Which means today I'll listen to Part 2.  Which means today I say goodbye to my very dear friends who I've laughed with, cried with, and learned so much about life from in the past week.

To qualify for financial aid I have to take 6 credits which means I needed a filler course.  I didn't want to fill with more art, or I'd be REALLY sick of it.  So I'm taking Beginning Spanish, and loving it.  I downloaded a list of great Spanish music on Spotify to listen to while I paint.  When I'm not painting, I'm working on Spanish!

Soy una artista!!!



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