My book!  It's up!  It's up!  On Amazon!  It's up on Amazon right now!  Right now for pre-orders!!  You can pre-order on Amazon!  Because it's up for pre-order!  On Amazon!!!  Right NOW!!!!  

Holy smooookes!

....deep breaths....

Okay.  So a few days ago we authors (haha I'm an author!!) got an email from Familius saying to look for our books on Amazon.  I've been checking for several days wondering if mine would ever come up.  Finally late one night I decided to try typing in my name instead of just the title.... and HELLO THERE'S MY BOOK ON AMAZON!!!  I wonder how long it had already been there!  The search bar still doesn't recognize it unless you search it by my name.  Hopefully that will change.

Anyway, here's the link:  

 (feel free to copy and paste that link to emails, facebook, and/or blogs and share it with whomever you may)

Right now you can save $5.42 at the pre-order price on Amazon!  Good deal or what?

Yaaaaay!  Celebrate!  Right after I read it, I stood up and started jumping, and took my jumping party to my room so my roommates didn't get too concerned, and jumped on my bed!  Yeah... there could be a reason I write children's books....

The next day my besties, Alicia VanNoy Call and Tyler Call, took me to Tucanos to congratulate me:

Celebrating at Tucanos!

It was SOOO yummy I'd never been there before!!!  You guys gotta go there!!  I have the best friends. I seriously would NOT have gotten to this point without these people right here.  Alicia (we call her Lee) is the one who talked me into attending WIFYR, which is where SHE attended a seminar by Christopher Robbins from Familius while I was in another class and she was like, "You gotta send your hippo story to this guy!"  And then she and Tyler have been encouraging me and supporting me in all the ups and downs through this whole, whole thing.  Which sometimes meant telling me I'm a good artist.  Or that first books are always the worst ones we do and it's okay if it's not perfect, and everything we do after the first one just gets better and better, so just get to work.  Or sometimes it meant late nights listening to me whine and vent.  Or sometimes it meant "Ginny take a break and come play/eat with us!"  Most of the time it means "Come do your art at our place."  Lee paints her dawgart, Tyler does his math or plays music, and I draw and paint for my book.  It's pretty great.  They're pretty great.

A lot of people have helped me who deserve recognition but I'm not gonna get too caught up in that yet because I still have about 10 paintings to finish...  I'm not done yet!  It's not the time for too much celebration QUITE yet.

So.... back to work you go, Ginny!  You've blogged enough for today.

Oh, and one more little piece of excitement.... we reached 13,000 pageviews this week!

Let's go make art!!!


  1. That is so exciting for you! I am doing the happy dance with you. I remember how I felt when my book came out and when I actually had a copy in my hand and it had my name on it!! It's an awesome feeling. I definitely want to purchase one of yours but am waiting until it officially comes out. So make sure you announce that!

  2. Yaaaay! How exciting!

    I've just pre-ordered my copy, and am delighted that it will be hardback.

    The pre-order discount will also partly offset the cost of shipping the book to me in Adelaide, Australia. I see that the estimated delivery date range in this case (using standard international shipping) is Nov 13 to Dec 5, just in time for Christmas. So keep painting away there, Ginny!

    It feels a little strange to know that I've just paid for something that is still stored somewhere in your creative bank, but I'm happy to invest in that if it helps make it a reality!

    Inspired in part by your blog, I've just started one of my own, using Wordpress. Perhaps I'll try a similar diary for my first book. At the moment I'm doing storyboards for various stories, more as an exercise than as pieces for publishing, so might try posting those once they're cleaned up.

    (I've commented this time using my Wordpress ID - in case it doesn't show up properly, it's Roelant here).


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