YSYS: Walk like this???

Just finished it!!!
And um.... I kinda really like this one.  :)  Is it okay to say that?


  1. Nice viewpoint, Ginny, zooming in between the trees like that. And great feeling of movement and tension! I see the little chap on the right hand tree trunk has a funky walk all of his own.

    Thanks for keeping us posted so well - it's exciting to see you producing so much, and interesting to hear how you're managing to do it. Keep it up!

  2. After looking at Hippo's iris in "Spin" I checked back through the other pictures. They all show a lovely blue iris. I know this image of Hippo is from quite some distance, but do you have room sneak a tiny glimpse of blue in there? It would be worth trying - at the moment he just has a big black pupil, which changes the effect (simplified, but loses a bit of character in the process I feel).

    1. Thanks Roelant. You're SO right! Thanks for pointing that out!!!! I'm planning to make edits and corrections at the end when everything is done and I have time to go back. Just in case my deadline runs out. Ya know? So thanks I hadn't really thought of that since he's so small! But I think he would look better with a blue eye! Maybe that's what's different here....


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