#6 - "I'm Changing My Mind Okay??!"

So I often have thought that if I commit to something, that's the end.  I must do.  I must do all of it, all the way, as much as committed, exactly as originally committed.  There's no changing my mind, or ideas, or size, or shape, or style, or nature, or type.  Even if I'm the one who extended myself the proposition.  One of the greatest pleasures I've learned, that allows for much less stress and rigidity, and much more freedom and room to breathe, is that I can change my mind!  And so can other people!  If I don't end up liking what I try, I can change my mind.  Of course I have changed my mind plenty of times, but not without a large load of guilt attached.  Strange, I know.  Some of you get me though, I know you do.

Obviously if I tell someone I'll be somewhere/do something, I will keep my commitment if at all possible.  But we don't have to go all black and white in the entire spectrum of life being so rigid that we won't try new things, or reinvent ourselves, and open our mind to new ways of thinking, acting, and blogging.  :)

Sooo... here's the thing.  About this Hippo Challenge... Ima change my mind.  Well.  More like changing pace.

I said every day initially... but holy smokes, I don't have time to blog EVERY day.  What was I thinking??  Nor do I have the energy!  Silly Ginster.  Sometimes I just get all excited in the beginning of things and think I can run a thousand miles at once.

So.  Let's go with every few days.

Well that's great Ginny . . . so what's the story for today?  Well I'll tell you.

Here's what happened today:  So, I have this blog.  And.  I started this Hippo Challenge thing.  And.  I wanted to change my mind about something to do with it.  But.  I was afraid people would be like, disappointed, and call me a liar, and be like, "What a lame blogger," and "She totally back down on her word" and "What a flake."  But then I realized we're allowed to change our minds and everyone does it, and it's a totally normal thing!  Plus, I was putting words in like a thousand people's mouths - how rude of me!  So I wrote a post telling everyone I'm changing my mind.

And guess what?  It's not even a big deal.  

Why do I make everything such a big deal?  Dude.  Sometimes, my head can make life fifty times more stressful than it needs to be.  I'm working on that.

K.  That's all!  Night!

Tomorrow, I share some big news..... :D


  1. Stop putting words into my mouth. So rude. ^_^

  2. Yeah, stop putting words in my mouth. But you were right about one thing, I am a Flake!!! HAHAHAHHA Good one, Gin. Was that just for me??

    1. Hahaha oh FLAAAKE!!! Hey guess what? Years and years ago I bought this Christmas card that says, "To my favorite Flake" or something like that. Of course I bought it with YOU in mind! I still have it and know where it is to this day and have yet to remember to use it. There's only one flake I would send it to... :D


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