Holiday Writing Contest: Little Blue's Christmas

Hey gang! So, I've decided to enter .....



As the link above explains, this is a Children's Story Writing Contest about a Holiday Hero of any kind. The 250 word-count limit was HARD but I made it. Please enjoy my submission below :). Merry Christmas my lovelies!

P.S. In your opinion, who is the hero in this story?


Holding Little Blue Bird’s hand, Miss Mole knocked on the Fox Family den.

“Little Blue needs a place to stay.”

Mama looked at Papa. Papa looked at Blue.

“She may stay.”

They ate together, played together, and slept together in the cozy warm den.

But when the foxes went fishing, Blue pecked for seeds. When the foxes played wrestle, Blue kept her distance. When the foxes slept in a pile, Blue slept on a rock.

Blue still felt alone. But …

… she didn’t know that Little Red Fox had been watching her.

What is the perfect Christmas gift for Blue? Red wondered. I know! A delicious salmon to eat.

On Christmas Eve, Red left to find the perfect salmon.


“HELP!” cried Red.

Inside the den, Blue’s ears perked. “Red?”


Blue followed the cries until she found Red struggling in icy river water and pulled him to safety.

“Red are you okay?!”

Shivering, Little Red spit a juicy salmon onto the snow. “I g-g-got you a s-s-salmon! It’s your C-C-Christmas present!”

“Oh. Thanks, Red! But, I don’t eat fish. Know what I really want for Christmas?”

“What Blue?”

“A friend.”

“Blue! You ARE my friend. More than that, you are family!” Red picked up Blue and hugged her tight.

On Christmas day, Red helped Blue find the best seeds, Blue helped Red catch the best fish, and they played thumb wrestles til bedtime.

That night, Miss Mole and a small lonely lizard approached the Fox Family den...


  1. Aww, so happy that Blue made a friend & I loved the twist ending!

  2. Friends are like family sometimes. And I love the lizard at the end...

    1. They really, really are. Thanks for your comment. :)

  3. I love that Miss Mole knows the best foster family in the forest and brings the little orphans to them. Cute and original.

    1. Thanks so much! That was a last minute change. Before, Blue and the lizard showed up by themselves asking for a place to stay. Then I decided to give it a foster-kid touch. :)

  4. This was so good! I loved the ending as well. I think a Holiday themed children’s book would be a great project for you! I’d love to see the art.

  5. Friendships are the best gifts ever. :)

  6. Such a thoughtful and earnest little Red fox! And a sweet story of a budding friendship/familyship.

  7. Anything with foxes makes me smile. Friendships are all around, we just need to find them! Nice job!

  8. I love that the character's names are Red and Blue. It's a colorful story, ba dum ching.

  9. Hahaha! I love the ending, Ginny! I have a feeling the Fox Family is going to end up with a lot of adopted members - Miss Mole has them figured out as a warm-hearted bunch :) I'm glad Blue found a friend and a home - there's no better present than that! Thanks for joining in the Holiday fun!

    1. Aw thank you Susanna! Thanks for hosting and inspiring us to write about holiday heroism!


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