The First Day of The Last Semester

In case you were curious and wanted to hear about my first day of class.....

Did I mention I'm still a student?  So today school started again!  It's the last time school will start for me, cuz next comes graduation.  (weird... weird)  My family would probably say, "Sure...  We've heard that one before."  This time it's happening!

Oh, I go to Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah by the way.  Go wolverines!

So.  Monday classes don't start til the evening, so I tried to sleep-in and catch up on missed z's, but it really just meant lying in bed a long time wishing I was asleep.  The anxiety of a new apartment, new roommates, new church, and school beginning again has robbed me of sleep completely the past three nights.  But I honestly was in a good mood and looking forward to school starting again and seeing my friends!  School is the one new beginning I'm familiar with, and I'm also real excited to have a routine again.  Plus all the classes I'm taking, I've had before, from the same amazing instructors!  (PUMPED I AM)

Much later, I finally went to class and on the way I met a guy named Joseph.  I met him because he gave me a cheerful "Hello!" as I was passing by, and then I continued to pass by when I suddenly realized he was talking to me.  I quickly came back and asked, "Oh!  Me?!  Sorry!  Hi!"  He turned out to be a kind engineer student who was hanging around the music department because he use to be a music major.  We chatted a bit, then off I went.  (no, he didn't get my number... sigh)

I made it to class on time.  So that was good.   Especially because I heard horror stories all day about people including instructors missing their classes completely due to no available parking.  Yikes...  And I was pleasantly surprised to see LOTS of familiar faces and friends in this class!  It's gonna be a great semester.

The Will Terry
Guess... what... class I'm taking!!!  Children's Book Illustration with THE Will Terry!  Yeah.  Children's Books!  With Will Terry!!  I know right?

Painting By Will Terry
I was there just to test the waters and see if I really still wanted to take it a second time.  He told us THIS time in the class, we're going to learn to build a complete and full APP FOR THE KINDLE!  That's new.  Lee, my genius friend (and excellent artist) who suggested I take the class again, turned to me and said, "You should take this class."  I said, "I'd be stupid to not take it now."  She agreed.  Will also talked about our other assignments:  Illustrating scenes from "Little Miss Muffet," "Jack and the Bean Stalk" and "One Good Turn."  We can do any spin on them we want.  He even looked at me said we can do steampunk versions to make Ginny happy.  Which steampunk isn't actually my thing, but I hang out with people whose thing it is so I can see why he said it.  But don't worry Will Terry, I will come up with something equally awesome.

Steam Punk Art  by Alicia (Lee) VanNoy Call, who I like to hang out with lots
On my way out, I walked past my new friend Joseph a second time.  He said, "Hello again," as I was passing by, and after I continued to pass completely by and realized that hello was directed to me, I spun around and said, "Oh!!  Hello!  Sorry! ... I just keep missing your hello's!"  We both kept walking and I couldn't hear what he said in return.

Then I went home and waited for my roommate Jillian to come home so we could finally go get all our stuff from moving day and move it into our apartment.  Yay no more living out of suitcase!  (We had to wait cuz we stored it in our friend's shed when our last apartment's contract ended the 15th and we couldn't move into our new place till the 23rd, and our friend was out of town til just barely)  So after we were done, our living room was stacked with boxes and boxes and bags and things, and probably spiders and shed dwelling lizards too.  We didn't feel like unpacking tonight, so we got ice cream instead.  1/2 Cookie Dough and 1/2 Chocolate with Peanut Butter Ribbon.  Mmmmmmm.  We ate while discussing what "fun facts" we would say about ourselves if we had to, inspired by an assignment Jillian had in her english class today.

A few Fun Facts about Ginny:

I can do the wave with my tongue.
I sang the star spangled banner alone in the middle of the ice before a championship college hockey game.
I have a white albino strand of hair that grows from the back of my head.
I've been to several amazing places, including Mt. Rushmore and Japan, but was too young to appreciate them.
I'm almost always the last person in my apartment to go to bed at night.
I froze my first wart last week.  :)  It has yet to fall off.

Anywhoooo... that was most of my first day of my last semester!  I kind of stole the idea to write about it from Lee's blog post today.  But that's part of what being successful is about... learning from the best, by sometimes copying what they do:), and sharing what you learned.  Don't compare mine to hers though, cuz she's actually a writer too so hers is more fun to read.  Plus, she added pictures she took herself, and talked about all the cool people.  I'm too tired to be that awesome today.  ;)

Good night!


  1. You totally copied me. And it was a great idea.


    1. Haha, yeah... I did. I hope you don't mind....... and thanks!! Good luck to YOU.

  2. ps. that photo makes UVU look awesome.

    1. I KNOW right? You can copy me and use it if you want. ;)


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