Food!  Friends!  Fart!  
I mean art!
You're invited!!
Free attendance, free food, free parking.

Part of the requirement to graduate as a Fine Art Student is a Bachelor of Fine Art Student Show.

This is where the student hosts a gallery show at which they display their Capstone Project.  
My project, as most of you know, was the illustrating of the children's book I wrote, 
"You Should, You Should!" 
And today I get to show it off.  :)

It's here TODAY at the UVU Library:

I won't be showing alone!  I've joined up with talented illustrators:

James Allen, 
Nate Call, 
and Rani Bean.  

So you'll have your fair share of really great art to look at!  See you there!


  1. Great job! I laughed at the joke too haha

  2. Hope it went well Ginny. It was a mite too far to travel from Adelaide, South Australia, so hope others flocked to help you celebrate.


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