YSYS: Dummy Book Reworked (part 1)

Dummy Book in the in reworks, fix-ups, and redo's process!

(see first original Dummy Book here)

After much thought and great feedback from all of you, I'm redoing a ton of it!  Here's what I have redrawn/replanned/redesigned so far:

I added hippo to the flamingo spot illustration so we can see them interact as Flamingo tells him how to walk.

Here we see Hippo actually present and watching Bird tell him to peck peck peck his beak.

We see Hippo's eyes curiously looking at Bug as she spins and spins and spins!

I like this pose better I think...

I changed monkey to a choir of monkeys sitting on a palm tree, and Hippo in the corner.

This is the detail sketch of the above drawing.

Trying to make it better.  First attempt.

2nd attempt.  This one I like!

Now we see Croc excitedly placing the new hat on Hippo.  And Hippo's non-excitement.

Now we see a little memory bubble of Hippo and Mother giving him his hat in his youth, while Hippo sits on his Hippo-Rump and sorrowfully looks at his old hat in the trash.

I liked the last one, the close up of the giraffe.  But Hippo needs to show up too.  I love Hippo's pose here.  ("You don't like my spot?")

Once I finish the rest of the sketches, I'll reinsert text for an updated dummy book!


  1. looks great! I like the expressions/reaction that you're showing from hippo. I really like where he sings to the monkey's and blows them away. I don't know if you can do this but on the spinning one where we see hippo's eyes, can you show circular movement to the eye balls, so we see his eyes dizzy-ly following bug spinning?

    1. Thanks Sandy! I think you have a point. The one thing I ALWAYS think of when I look at that drawing is that it would be best to see both his eyes so I could show his eyes cross-eyed or something so we know he's dizzy. Since it's bugging two of us, that's a good sign something can change for the better.

  2. Fantastic, Ginny! Some great characteristic gestures and expressions there. The Gospel Monkeys are a wonderful touch.

    1. Thanks Roelant! It was an idea my friend had. I was like, "Oh my goodness, what a perfect idea."


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