YouShouldYouShould: Size Relationships

A friend I recently made, Arthur Nichols who is a renowned comic book and storyboard artist and designer, who has worked on several TV series, videos, and video games, gave me a great suggestion.  He pointed out the inconsistency of size relationships between my characters, and that the hippo ought to be much larger compared to many of the animals.  He said line them up next to each other in a drawing, and stick it on your wall to refer to as you draw.  So here they are!  On my wall!

I drew this up a while ago.  This is the final character design for Hippo!!  Isn't he cute??  He's also up on my wall.

This is what I have for the title page (not the book cover art).  The page on the left with blank space is there for all the important information stuff.  I feel like it starts the story off.


  1. I do remember saying that! I'm glad it helped you.

    The previews of your book look WONDERFUL. Truly.

    Very proud of your accomplishment, and I'm very happy to gotten to see everything develop so well.

    - Arthur


  2. "... and I'm very happy to gotten to see...?"

    Oh YIKES. That should have read:

    "... and I'm very happy to have gotten to see..."

    Me no sometimes be good with words. Duh.

    - Arthur



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