12/12/12 Sketch (Dec. 12, 2012)

Decided I need... no no no WANT... to start drawing for fun again!

Here's my sketch for today.
(even though I really drew him a couple days ago... shhh)

Hm... what should his name be...

(Ball point pen)


  1. Ok, this is probably an over-analyzation and might be more of a reflection of my perception than Ginny's intent, but I think it will be fun so I am going to do it anyway. He is standing upright with hands and feet aligned in a disciplined manner. His hair is wild but precise (not messy) which means it was meant to look precisely the way it does. He has a large nose but for being so disciplined in his stance it isn't too high in the air and his chin is pretty level so I think he is disciplined and proud, but not too proud. The name should reflect that. That is quite the belt buckle and I think a bit overkill to hold those pants up but he isn't packing a whole lot on the backside so maybe it is needed (flat butt syndrome). I can still picture him shining it up a bit prior to standing up straight so I would say it is definitely something he is proud of (its too pronounced not to be). His big nose may denote an almost comical pronunciation so we'll have to take that into account. And of course he has pointed ears and is from the wild and crazy mind of Ginny Tilby so a normal name just won't do. How bout Rivaldi? No, a bit too elegant and that Christmas tree is not exactly kingly. I think we need a full name since someone as disciplined and proud as him would always announce himself using his full name. And the first and last name should start phonetically similar to maintain the whimsical fashion of the hair, and nose and have a rhythm to it. Maybe Snoops Snufflegrass (pronounced very nasally) or Wilbur Wallibenuga (again very nasally)?

    1. Well that is quite the analysis Mr. Dunkley! Snoops Snufflegrass or Wilbur Wallibenuga. Well I will have to consult with the little guy and let you know what he likes best!! He's a little busy right now though, you know, with Christmas and all so... I'm thinking after the new year when things are slowed down again, cleaned up, and the elves are rested up and ready to get back to work. I'll let you know. ;)


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