"Kitty Wants" App is Published in iTunes!!

Hi!!!!!  I'm really excited and happy and humbled and a little bit tickled to announce....

.......As of Dec 20th my little story app "Kitty Wants" (created in my Children's Book Illustration class this past semester) is published in the App Store on iTunes for iPad/iPhone!  Yup, and it's only $0.99.  Here's the link:

Remember to click on everything!  Don't worry, your kids will get it.  They'll know how to find all the cool stuff.

To those who purchase my proud little app, I ask you to please submit a customer review!  And feel free to be honest, I can take it.  ;)  I do hope you and your kiddos enjoy!!  

About "Kitty Wants"
This story is written for the shy ones who, for whatever reason, sit in the background, afraid to assert themselves by asking for what they want.  This story opens an opportunity for parents to discuss and teach their children how they can learn from Kitty that they too are allowed to use the simple tool of asking, that they have value equal to others, and their wants/needs matter.  Read my original introduction (about "getting our needs met") to why I wrote this story here.

Thank you
...to ALL who helped, especially my small writing critique group I met this summer at WIFYR who critiqued my story in October while I was making it, my Children's Book Illustration class who cheered and giggled every time I showed them the latest progress on the animations etc, and especially especially Will Terry because without his assignment to create an app in his class, it wouldn't be created!

P.S.  Don't laugh TOO hard at my awkward narrating and weird silly sounds I make..... hehe.....

*     *     *

FAQ: What is the difference between an APP and an EBOOK?

An ebook is usually text heavy and image light, made only for reading on your device like a normal book.

An app usually has multimedia elements, interactivity, and sounds.

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