Digital: Good news, sad news

Good news:
This isn't finished, but I wanted to show you what I've got so far digitally!  You like?  Here's the thing... I love looking through a sketchbook and at drawings far more than looking at paintings.  And I love drawing way more than painting.  So... wondering if I can preserve the drawing/sketching/penciling/lining part of the work and also bring in bright vibrant color at the same time.  Like I said this isn't finished... but this is certainly exciting, fun, semi-addicting... which WHO KNEW..., and I'm far happier with the results and process, and guess what... I've been dreaming about painting digitally at night.  I'm all excited.  I had no idea I'd enjoy it this much.  My tablet still hasn't even come in the mail yet but I used the school tablets to make this.

Sad news:
Sad news is... I talked to my respectable advisor yesterday, and looks like switching to digital like this is most likely not an option.  I might have cried a little in his office.  Poor guy probably gets that a lot because I discovered an appreciated box of tissues at arm's length.  I'm very bummed.  But, I must do what I must do.  At least I know something I didn't know before, that I can take with me to use in future work.  So I guess it still kinda ends with good news again.  But yeah... bummer.


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  2. I like the digital painting A LOT! That is lame that he won't give it a chance.

  3. :) I think all advisors keep tissues in their offices... I know mine does, and that I've used them! It is LOVELY though Ginny!

  4. I'm still up in arms on this, why would it not be an acceptable switch? Was there a specific contract agreement? Did they request a certain look?

    And how definitive is 'most likely'?

  5. There are a lot of websites that you can upload pictures and they will bind them into a hard bound book for cheap. My sisters use them a lot for scrap booking. You could do your sketches digitally and then print them in a sketchbook for browsing through later. Not sure how well the colors will be represented tho.

  6. Everyone, I appreciate your concern. I prefer not to discuss it out of respect to my advisor until it's figured out and final. (There's still a chance... but if it doesn't work out, it'll be okay! It'll have to be.)


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