The Hippo Challenge

Every day, until my book ("You Should, You Should" - read it herephysically comes out on the book-store-shelves, I'll be blogging a daily blurb where I learned the same thing Hippo learned.  Cuz it's a lesson I'm still learning, every day.  It's no secret that Hippo represents me.  To those who have been close to me, it's no secret that I have been a bit of a people-pleaser for most my past life.

Real Life Example:

Friend 1:  So what did you think of World War Z?  I am NOT a fan of those types of movies.
Me:  Oh, me neither.  Total waste of time, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

(20 minutes later)

Friend 2:  Gin, World War Z was so intense and awesome!  Wow!  What did you think?
Me:  Oh, yeah, I know right?  I was on the edge of my seat!  It was so good!!

Yeah, that happens sometimes, even still.  The above example was just this summer.  BUT, this is great progress.  How?  Because I'm to the point where I feel literally surprised and uncomfortable with myself when this comes out of my mouth.  Like, it doesn't feel as natural anymore.  Which is awesome!!  And way more progress than when I was just learning to simply even recognize this happening.

Recognize what happening?  People pleasing.  In mental health speak, we can refer to it as a symptom of codependency.  In this case, it's saying and doing things that we assume others want us to say and do, in order to keep/maintain our relationships, and ultimately our feelings of self-worth.  This happens when we're absolutely dependent upon what others think about us.  It's a sad and miserable way of life, really.  Always hiding, always pretending, always lying, always believing we're less than, and always afraid.

I mentally face this on a daily basis and work to deal with it healthily.  I'll share my moments and what I gain from them with you every few days till my book comes out, in honor of Hippo and his special debut!!!  Hippo, here's to you.  :)

I already have tomorrow's post written... so come back to read about my Halloween Decorations Drama.

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P.P.S.  If you have similar stories to share in the following days/weeks/however long this lasts, I invite you to comment.  :)


  1. You go, Ginny! So, do you REALLY like World War Z or not? =P

    1. Hahaha, Gloson I was wondering who would be the first to ask. Yes, I liked it. Okay people? I LIKED it, and I recommend it. I also recommend closing your eyes a lot, and feeling free to giggle when it gets so scary and intense and you don't know what else do. I recommend a blanket to hide under as needed, friends you feel safe with close by, and maybe a teddy bear. I also recommend turning it off at any time if you don't like it.

      But most of all, I recommend that you all do what makes you most happy and comfortable no matter what I recommended!


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