YSYS: Break Dancing Hippo

"Spinning does not help my feet.
My feet dance to a different beat...."

Haha!  Surprise!  Didn't know Hippo could break dance, didja?!?

I originally planned to make him a tap dancer.  (here's my earlier post of dancing hippo)  But I was talking to Lee while I was here drawing his dance moves and she was like, "That would be cool if you could make him break dance.  But it probably wouldn't work with his little arms and huge body."  I was like, "Oh my goodnes... I'm gonna try it."  I googled lots of break dancer images and came up with these!

I'll arrange them in photoshop on a page and figure out how to put them together nicely before I paint them, but these are the drawings!

I just realized... now that he's not a tap dancer, "My feet dance to a different beat" doesn't work so much.  Gonna have to rewrite that line I think...


  1. Haha. Great idea, Ginny! Why'd you make the hippo everything but right-side-up? :P I'd love to see the hippo rotated where the gravity is actually doing down.

    About the line, how about:

    "My body moves in B-boy feats!"

    1. Haha Gloson that is a valid concern! No worries though because I will be arranging them in photoshop so they will ALL be rotated and grounded properly. ;) What does B-boy mean?? Dude I must be way out of the loop on "cool" words... haha

    2. Ahhh, so you are not the only one who sketches drawings in random order THEN arrange them in photoshop. I thought I was unique! xP

      And, B-boy means "break-boy". More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B-boying

  2. I'm reposting this cause I had a few mistakes before.

    Or you could simply put "I move to a different beat."
    Just a thought.

    Love, Love, Love the idea!

    "Spinning on these big feet?
    No, I move to a different beat!"

    There's a lot you can play with...

    These big feet aren't meant to spin,
    I move to the beat that comes from within.
    It makes me grin as I tuck in my chin,
    and roll to the floor and spin spin spin!

    okay, I'm just having fun here...

    I actually have a really good friend from my mission that breakdances. When he first came out on the mish, he was constantly beatboxing under his breath, kind of annoyed me, but we became really good friends and hung out afterwards. I now have fond memories associated with break dancing

  3. Thanks Minnie :)

    Your ideas are helpful! Thanks!!

    Glad you have a happy feeling toward break dancing haha. I've never known anyone who can do it!! I did have elders on my mission who taught me to beat box though..........

    1. Yes, I do remember hearing you beat box when we lived together. Good luck in figuring everything out.


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