YSYS: Lots More Drawings!

I found a short-cut to this drawing madness!!!

I remembered the school has a projector!  So AFTER I made these drawings on 11x14 paper....

(I know you've seen this one before... but I have to redo it digitally now that I switched to digital)

... then I started getting smart!  I perfected these very small drawings and took them to the school and put them in the projector, and traced them onto larger paper!  See?

At the very back of the classroom you can barely see behind all those easels..........

....this projector!!!

This small value study became...

...this drawing now ready for painting!

This is the tiny drawing I projected....

....to trace on this larger paper.

This is the tiny drawing I projected....

....to trace this on this larger paper.  I'm drawing on this one right now!  (except not NOW cuz I'm blogging for YOU lucky peeples...)

I have 3 more to finish before I can just focus on painting painting painting til this book is DONE!

My publisher gave me a new deadline SOOOO... I have until March 22nd.  My birthday.  Well... I sort of decided the exact day.  He'd probably give me a couple more days if needed but I've made up my mind!  I"ll have this done for my birthday!!!  Happy Birthday to me.  :)

I get more time after that, through May, to make all the needed touch ups and changes throughout the paintings, but the main art must be done this month so Christopher Robbins at Familius can print out an "example" book to display for sales teams in April.

So time to make more art!!!!

P.S.  I spent a long car ride on Sunday brainstorming my next book idea.........


  1. Sounds pretty amazing, Ginny. I don't quite get it though. :P You are tracing everything to be physically painted for the book, right? I thought you were going to digitally paint it.

    I feel lucky to be a lucky peeple. :P

    And happy early birthday.


    1. Thanks! Okay... so I draw the pictures manually/physically, then I scan them into the computer, and paint them digitally. I keep the drawing the top layer so the lines don't get lost. They're so great to look at. Well... I think they are. ;) Does that make sense? You can click on the "process" tab above if you're still confused. Um YEAH you're lucky to be a lucky peeple! Duh! ;)


    2. Yes, that make sense. I know what "multiply" is, so yeah. :P But I'm still wondering, why are you tracing it on larger paper?

    3. It's hard to get quality detail work on tiny 3x5 inch drawings. So much more detail can be done with more space. But it's so much faster to design and figure out the little details SMALL instead of starting out big and dealing with all the erasing and pushing lines around before it's perfect. Know what I mean?

    4. Oh I see! I wonder how you're gonna scan the whole large tracing after you're done! xD

    5. I understand wanting to scan the best most complete drawing, changes come when enlargement happens, details small become less complete when large, and reducing again after digitally painted.. means tight wonderful printing..unless online book, your characters are sweet, and your action shots are fun... best of the best to ya on this one.... live the dream...
      I got here from guild on Linked in.... Donna

    6. Haha, Gloson they're not THAT big... and the scanner at school is bigger than the regular scanner so it works out. :)

      Donna - glad you found me!!! And glad you understand. :) Thanks for the comment!!

  2. you have very strong drawing skills Ginny. I hope your images will be printed. I notice your previous book is self published , If you have not got a publisher try your luck make some submissions with a story idea your drawing is faultless. Good to get your images bigger than what the final result should be , and you can always scan and piece together carefully in photoshop if you are careful. Got here from linkedin, wishing you the best of luck. Diane Young www.manicillustrations.com

    1. Diane thank you! I just looked at your website, and was enchanted. Three favorites - the aunt eater, the horse and little boy, and the animals stacked. Especially the horse and boy one though. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

      This one will be printed by an actual publisher. My previous "book" (app for ipad/iphone) was for a school assignment. This one is the real deal!

      I sure appreciate the time!!

  3. i love your artwork and it inspires me. I am a new illustrator and have actually started drawing when i was five. I so want to try this painting on the computer do you have any suggestions on where to go for begainers i would like to keep in touch with you. Maybe have you look at my artwork someday thank you for reading this and agian your artwork is beautiful

  4. By the way my name is Sarah Krupp sorry forgot to put that


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